Natural Formations That You Need To See When You Go To Utah

Although you could visit all of the cities in Utah that many people enjoy such as Salt Lake City, St. George, Ogden in Provo, you might want to go to cities that are closer to natural formations. There are some that are not near cities that all which means you will have to travel for a couple of hours. However, it’s going to be well worth the time that you will spend to get there. Two of the cities that people actually stay if they want to see natural formations are St. George and Moab. Here is a quick overview of what they are in close proximity to, places that you will enjoy regardless of your age.

The Narrows

This is a place where you will see incredible formations which are actually part of Zion National Park. You can take hikes which will take you higher up on the Colorado Plateau, and you will be astounded with the running water that goes in between the Narrows. There are different levels of complexity when you are hiking. Some of it is easy, whereas other areas are quite strenuous. It is recommended that you spend a day there, going through the different places such as Big Springs and the Narrows themselves.

Canyonlands And Arches National Park

One of the best ways to see both of these locations is to take an air tour which will fly you over these locations. You may even get to land and walk around, but if all you get to do with see everything looking down, you are going to be impressed. To imagine that this area was formed by water and wind, and we now have these beautiful formations today, it’s incredible to think of how long that actually took. If you do get a chance to drive into these areas, that will be even more fun as you can see them close and personal.

Other places that you can go will include Monument Valley, Angel’s Landing, and also the Navajo Garden Loop. It is so important to have the proper walking shoes, or even hiking boots, depending upon where you go. If you had there during the winter, the cat dear Valley Resort is a place that you can see, and also do a little bit of skiing and snowboarding. You will love the views, and all of the exercise that you will get, when you take a vacation into the state of Utah.