Layton UT Has So Many Wonderful Restaurants To Offer

In this article featuring top Utah restaurants, we are going to visit Layton, Utah. We have been to many cities throughout the state virtually visiting restaurants. This is the first virtual trip to Layton, so these are going to be the top four picks, my picks. And what I see sitting currently as the #1 ranked restaurant in Layton sounds great to me, Crown Burgers.

Crown Burgers is located on North Main Street, and it features a huge red sign. Not only do they serve up great burgers there, but you can also get delicious gyros as well. Plus, how would you like to enjoy a nice Greek Salad? One other unique aspect about this restaurant is that they will make any burger or sandwich into a lettuce wrap for those carb watchers or healthier eaters. One of the reviewers mentions that, so it is good to know.

Next up for restaurants in Layton is Sill’s Cafe, which is located on East Gentile Street. This is your breakfast spot in Layton, and in case you were wondering, the menu items say that the restaurant has honey butter. Does a big breakfast at Sill’s Cafe sound like a plan to you?

So far, I have not strayed from the rankings on a top travel site. Each of the top ranked establishments in order has fit my fancy, and that is saying something. There can be chain restaurants or ones that seem so-so compared to other unique picks. However, next up is #3, the Cantina Southwest Grill, located on North Main Street. You’re talking about enchiladas, camarones, shrimp and more. Have you ever tried salmon enchiladas?

Okay, we have time for one more top restaurant in Layton UT. It is going to be Roosters, and yes, I skipped one. I had to feature a place called Roosters. Doesn’t it make you want to know what is going on there? This establishment is located on Heritage Park Boulevard, and it is known for fish tacos, burgers and get this, they make their own root beer. Talk about a treat!

That does it for this round of Layton restaurants, but maybe we will be back in this city sooner than later. It is just a matter of time before I take us back to some of Utah’s cities, so stay tuned. You will enjoy reading about all the restaurants there and more before you plan your trip.